At Texasinfomatics, we love designing websites – the website which speaks your business and your quality. To achieve this, we follow a unique procedure. We come to you, understand your business, and craft ever pixel with utmost care and perfection. Texasinfomatics has a team of skilled and seasoned web designers capable of creating a masterpiece from scratch. We are trusted as a leading web design company in India and serve our clients from across the globe.

Our vast experience makes us capable of understanding your exact requirements, and delivering the solutions which are better than your expectations. What We Do? In simple words, we convert your ideas into pixel-perfect visuals. Our wide experience in website designing allows us to differentiate between what works and what doesn’t. We are capable of handling varied range of projects, as small as a brochure site to as complex as an ecommerce portal.

We master most cutting-edge website designing tools and can serve you with Photoshop designing, PSD to HTML, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Brand Identity Designing and many more. Also, we can give your current website a contemporary look with website redesigning. We have delivered hundreds of projects for our valued clients from all corners of the world. How we do it? A better solution can be delivered only after understanding the requirements properly. Thus, we understand your business and wear your shoes. We always remember asking you those questions that most of the other web designers forget.

Once we collect the necessary information, our skilled web designers come into act. Web design for us is not just designing a website, it’s about delivering the information about your business, your values, your products, in each and every pixel. This is what we do at TEXASINFOMATICS .Fancy a Chat? Need a web designing company which does not deliver solutions, but deliver promises?  We will reach you soon.


Ranking higher in search engines is the core requirement for any online business, which can be achieved through an effective search engine optimization activity. A website ranking higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the guarantee of better ROI and revenue. Therefore, it is vital to hire a trustworthy SEO company which has the capabilities and experience of improving the ranking, traffic, and ROI of your website.

HTS has many years of experience in search engine optimization field. We have a team of highly seasoned and skilled SEO experts who can help you with finding the most appropriate keywords for your website and carry out the link building process to improve their visibility and rankings.

SEO with HTS – Our Strategies: Better results in SEO are achieved from the scratch, starting from the design, content and navigation of the website. We work from the basics and make your website SEO friendly. Considering the fact that an SEO friendly website wins half the game, we improve the SEO factors of your website by:

Using appropriate keywords that suit your business. With our wide knowledge in the industry, we know the key parameters of using the keywords on your website, and keep your website safe from penalties. Making sure that there is appropriate amount of media files is used on your website. Excessive amount of media file is never considered SEO friendly. Analyzing the semantic code that helps the bots to read your website precisely. Updating the Meta of your website with best SEO guidelines.

Improving the navigation of your website to make it easily accessible by search engines and visitors.Creating sitemaps and robots.txt to improve indexing of your website.Creating appropriate internal and external links.

We hate spamming, and we only use the white hat link building techniques and strictly follow the quality guidelines.

We offer a range of services to broaden your online presence in all spheres. Starting from improving the on-page activities of your website, link building, Social Media Marketing (SMO), Internet Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC) and many more, we do them all.

Why Texasinfomatics – Because We Deliver Profitability: Though our main aim is improving your online presence, but we always focus on improving your revenue. Our vast experience allows us to utilize the streamlines processes in SEO, and keep ourselves updated with the search engine guidelines to achieve the best through our services.

Feel free to contact us to discuss about your SEO requirements and hire us to get the benefits which you want from your SEO agency.

Texasinfomatics follows a very comprehensive Search Engine Optimization process.
Ø Initial Analysis

Ø Keyword Research

Ø Optimizing pages and content

Ø Code optimization

Ø Manual Search & directory submissions

Ø Building link popularity

Ø Generating reports and tracking rankings

Ø Web 2.0 Optimization

Ecommerce development involves the creation of a business website and effective hosting of the website. Today, it is important for every business to have an online presence by having an ecommerce website. The website makes it possible to sell both products and services on an online platform. Users are able to find the products and services they are looking for and even buy them without leaving their houses. Businesses have the opportunity to integrate secure payment systems such that customers find it easy to place orders and make transactions. Ecommerce web development is suitable for any kind of business whether small or big.

Benefits of Ecommerce Development

It offers an increased online presence which translates into increased sales. It is also easy for the business to be recommended to a larger audience within a short time. A business is able to operate 24 hours. There is no opening and closing time as an ecommerce website operates every day. All days are business days since an online store is always open and can be accessed by customers worldwide. Businesses can enjoy customer based features such as currency support, shopping cart, language and calculator. It is easy and simple to maintain orders, stock, customer information and inventory. The businesses will have better regulation of every aspect hence there will be steady business growth and expansion. It is efficient even for those with little or no online experience. Previously, ecommerce involved the use of costly interface and personal security certificate. Currently, a business can use an ecommerce development company for hosting services and other online related issues. It is cost effective with factors such as nominal operation cost and virtually nonexistent employee overhead. It is cheaper than operating a storefront property.

The internet has changed the business community and shoppers are continuously embracing it. Business is now global and therefore, a business that wants to remain relevant should have an ecommerce web development. The development boosts the attractiveness and functionality of a website.  We will reach you soon.

Texasinfomatics offers the following features for your ecommerce Website

We make designs and development as you needed Customized platform built around your business Easy to use, maintain and update A user can update as they needed with friendly interface Full order management capabilities Automate the entire process from stock inventory control Users will be able to check full reporting and analytical data Real time reporting on all the key aspects

Sales features such as coupons and offers

The Internet revolution has impacted the way people buy things and in fact, they are now better informed about all aspects of a product or service they wish to buy! From the perspective of the businesses, the content of their website plays a crucial role in surviving and thriving in this competitive environment. Content Management System is precisely aimed at managing content delivery to the customers in a most effective way.

CMS development aims at making the content dynamic and relevant any time. Naturally, this necessitates users making changes to website anytime they need and enhance the usefulness of the content on their website. CMS helps users update their websites even if they do not have programming language. With minimal skills, just as much as required to work on Microsoft Word, they can manage their website.

Prior to 2007, most developers created websites using HTML and CSS but these were static websites. But, thanks to CMS development, creating and maintaining websites has become easier, faster and economic by deploying several CMS tools.

WordPress development has attained a place as most popular CMS development tool. It began as a blogging platform but has advanced greatly over the past years. Word press development powers over 40% of websites. The main advantage of Word press is, ease of installation, customization and above all it is free. It is supported by a vast vibrant community.

Drupal development is the next most popular content management system. The main advantages of Drupal over other CMS development platforms are; superior performance, technically advanced, customizable and free. A concern about Drupal is that it requires some knowledge of programming and hence you may need support of an experienced development firm.

Joomla Development is often seen as a compromise between Drupal and Word press. This platform runs without any hitch on most web servers. The main benefits of Joomla are social networking, ease of setting up commercial sites and offers very useful help portal.

Magento development is also a very powerful platform. This open source platform offers you with highly intuitive interface, marketing promotional tools, analytics and reporting and secure payment gateways, multi-lingual support, Google site map and many other advanced features making it highly suitable for advanced online shopping experience.


Getting well trained experts and personnel for your web development, website development project is the most fundamental thing that everyone should consider first before trying out any other thing in this field, simply because this is a site that will reflect the services that offered in your business, your general profile as a company a firm or even personal websites, in this case the first impression that you give to the visitors to your website will leave a good impression. More so there are a number of things that you should consider that will ensure your success in website development and they are as follows

A.Experience and expertise.

This is to ensure that the person you are dealing with is an expert and has relevant knowledge in different areas of design, such as the web graphic design, authoring, interface design and also search engine optimization, using an expert also will help you to ensure that you develop a user friendly site that will not give the user hard time when visiting the site.

B. Management and maintenance services.

Nearly everything that runs on software or over a server, tends to go down sometimes, and to ensure that your business is accessible at all times, you have to ensure that the team is always there to ensure that whenever it goes down, you become operational almost immediately, this is through adequate understanding on the basics of website development.

C.Easy to use and manage site.

This is to ensure that the administrator can add up anything anytime to the website, since this is also among the best means of communication to the clients who regularly visits the site, also the clients can leave comments in the site that can be reviewed later by the admin. Actually this is what is referred to as real in-depth of e-commerce where you can transact directly and easily with your customers. In conclusion, by getting the best web development, website development services, you will be able to get the real value for your money and time at the end of it all.